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08.25.2016 at 13:08

Don't feel bad. This is the way of things.

I’ve known you most of my life. I knew you before I met you. That figure in dreams, in the hopes of my tomorrows. And now the days have turned into weeks, into years, into two small children we’ve created. These children who grow so fast, yet not fast enough.

What is it that I want?

It’s such an easy question to ask. Yet, as with most things, the answer is over there and the path to it, like wading through molasses… on a cold day. I can’t find the clarity or the calm in all that sweet.

Whether or not I get there with you is another question, with another answer, with another way…

I think complicated is something for youth. All the crinkles smooth out with age, much like a rock tumbled along until it barely resembles what it used to be on the outside. Ah, on the outside.

I’ve got too much to do right now… hands to wipe and lunches to pack. I’ve gotten up four times while attempting to write this… and somehow I have to find the time to figure out what I want. There’s not enough time for me. Well, isn’t that the problem? Well, yes. Well, well… fuck.

Not today.